Essence of Black

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The Original "Black Diamond"

This is our Super long (47"x 49") Niqab, 3 layer with 2" headband. The Black Diamond's front layer is featured in a exquisite DIAMOND cut pattern measuring 47" length and 49" in width.  Topped off with a nose cord and 2" wide head band.

It comes in a Light weight extremely breathable and comfortable soft Georgette fabric. This niqaab is truly the Essence of Black.



           1st Layer Front view                1st Layer Flipped Backside view  

Item #: N31
3rd Layer: Super Long: 53""  or 134.6cm in Length (Approximately)
2nd Layer: 21" or 53cm Long and 19"or 48cm  wide (Approximately)
 1st Layer: 18" or 46cm Long and 17" or 43cm Wide (Approximately)
2" or 5 cm Head Band and this Niqab has a nose cord

Price: Only $16.75 USD (Free Shipping)

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2nd Layer Front View

 2nd Layer Back View

2nd Layer Side View 

2nd Layer Front View


2nd Layer View 

1st Layer Side view

1st Layer Nose Cord View

1st Layer Front View

1st Layer Side View

1st Layer Back View

1st Layer Front View with Nose Cord

Our New "Black Diamond" and your New  Best Friend

 Warning: This is a Niqab, This is not a Khimar


"...They appeared behind the Messenger of Allah wrapped up, as if there were crows on their heads?" Fath al-Bari Sharh Sahih Bukhari, 8/489

Essence of Black" The Basic, The Real Nature of a Munaqqabat

Free shipping WORLDWIDE on All Niqabs

Black Diamond Niqab:


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