Essence of Black

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Special price: Only $16.75 USD 

This is a beautiful Saudi Long Niqab (29"x 31.5") Niqab, 3 layer with 2" headband. Topped off with a nose cord and eye netting.  It comes in a Light weight extremely breathable and comfortable soft Georgette fabric. This niqaab is truly on of the Essence of Black.


                                     Front view                                            Back view  

Item #: N33
3rd Layer: 29" Long x 31.5" Wide
2nd Layer: 29" Long x 31.5" Wide
 1st Layer: 22.5" Long x 17 Wide
2" Head Band and this Niqab has a nose cord and eye netting

(the models are wearing the Saudi Box Long and the Saudi Box Niqab with the eye netting folded back)

Buy one Saudi Box Long Niqab and get the second Niqab at 1/2 price!

(What our Customers say about our Niqaabs)

Asalaamu walaikum,
I have purchased a lot of clothes online. Yours are by far the best quality garments I have ever purchased. The fabric and quality the stitching borders on perfection. My black diamond niqab should last me a life time. I will be a return customer inshaAllah.  Shukran for your service.
Wa Salaam
Stacy N.

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Saudi Box Long/Saudi Box Niqab Front View

Saudi Box Long Niqab Side View 

Saudi Box Long Niqab Front View

"...They appeared behind the Messenger of Allah wrapped up, as if there were crows on their heads?" Fath al-Bari Sharh Sahih Bukhari, 8/489

Essence of Black" The Basic, The Real Nature of a Munaqqabat

Saudi Box Long Niqab:


Get 2 Saudi Box Long Niqabs for $24.00 (save 6.75 today)


1 Saudi Box Long Niqabs and 2 pair of Gloves (save 6.75 today)


2 Saudi Box Long Niqabs and 2 pair of Gloves (save 6.75 today)


Airmail 10-14 days:


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