Essence of Black


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All of our Saudi Niqabs are 3 layers with 2" headband. With a variations of styles to include:  Eye Netting and Nose Cord.

All are made of Light weight, extremely breathable, and comfortable soft Georgette fabric.

Saudi Box Long Niqabs 2 for $24

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What our Customers say about our Niqaabs)

Asalaamu walaikum,
I have purchased a lot of clothes online. Yours are by far the best quality garments I have ever purchased. The fabric and quality the stitching borders on perfection. My black diamond niqab should last me a life time. I will be a return customer inshaAllah.  Shukran for your service.
Wa Salaam
Stacy N.

(Click on any picture below)



                       Medium Niqab 20"                   Long  Niqab 30"                        EX-Long Niqab 35"          Black Diamond Niqab 47"

Medium Size           Medium: 20"  or 50.8cm Length below (Click on any picture below)

Medium Front View

 Medium Side View

Medium Front w/Netting

Medium Back

Long Size Below     Long: 30" or 76.2cm Length    (Click on any picture below)

Long Front View Top Layer Back

Long  Front View 2nd Layer Back

Long  Side View 2nd Layer Back

 Ex-long  Below     X-Long: 35"  or 88.9cm Length (Click on any picture below)

X-Long Front View Top Layer Back

Ex-Long Layered

Ex-Long Side 2nd Layer Back

"The Black Diamond  Below   47"  x 49" (Click on any picture below)

Black Diamond Front View Top Layer Back

Black Diamond 2nd Layer Back

Black Diamond 3rd Layer Back

Yemeni Khimar
Ex-Long "The Black Diamond 47 Yemeni Khimar

Item: N30

Medium: 20"  or 50.8cm in Length
Long: 30" or 76.2cm in Length 
X-Long: 35"  or 88.9cm in Length
Super Long "Diamond niqab": 47" or 134.6cm in Length


Only $10.00 USD Medium
Only $13.00 USD Long
Only $16.75 USD X-Long
Only $16.75USD Super Long

"...They appeared behind the Messenger of Allah wrapped up, as if there were crows on their heads?" Fath al-Bari Sharh Sahih Bukhari, 8/489

Essence of Black" The Basic, The Real Nature of a Munaqqabat

All Niqabs are available in Black, Brown, Navy, and Gray

Medium Niqab : Quantity:

Long Niqab: Quantity:

X-Long Niqab: Quantity:

Diamond (Super Long) Niqab: Quantity:

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