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"...They appeared behind the Messenger of Allah wrapped up, as if there were crows on their heads?" Fathi Al Bari 8/489

Essence of Black" The Basic, The Real Nature of a Munaqqabat

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Our New Casual Wear designs. Come "Relax in Modesty, Comfort and Style"

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Black Mens Daffah Thobe

Essence Mens Black Daffah Thobe Buy 2 get 1 Free

Overhead Abaya Satin Trim

Al Aseel Thobe

Overhead Abaya Corded Trim

Boys Daffah Thobes

What our customers say about us! (They are actual comments about our products and service)

Alhamdulilah! Today I received my abaya in the mail (YaY!) and Masha'Allah, it's a beauty! My zawj and I are really pleased with our decision to purchase an abaya from Essence of Black! Really, Masha'Allah, the quality of the material: its elegant simplicity, the lightness of the fabric and additional zipper truly makes it an instant favorite, Alhamdulilah. I thank you all for your helpfulness and professional. Jazaakunna Allaahu Khairan.

As salamu alaikum. I ordered 2 overheads and exactly what I seen as a description was exactly what I received. They are a perfect fit and I received them exactly ten days from the shipping date. Me and my family will definitely continue to buy our Islamic attire from here insha allah taala. With great deals like this it will save my family money and we know we are getting quality clothing masha allah. I would recommend everyone to buy from here as well.


Macha Allah I received my pkg today and was very very pleased Al hamdu lilah, I have had such bad experience buying online that I just about gave up and now I have hope to dress in the correct manner that is right for me, Ya Ukhti Djzakallahou khayran

"Alhamdulillah My order was shipped on May 30th,and arrived June 10th.
The Yemeni Khimar is Beautiful and fits wonderfully, as well as the long niqqab. BarakAllahu Feek."

Saudi Box Long Niqab

Essence's Secret Abaya

Yemeni Khimar  Various Colors

Boys Daffah Thobes

Super Long Khimar

Knee Length Khimars 60"

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